Book editing books: A Complete List

Books About Book Editing

There have been countless books written about editing and writing. It sometimes seems that writers are more interested in writing book about book editing than they are to write novels. 

However, buried within this plethora of books is a handful of titles that continue to be useful to both writers and editors alike. 

What's Included in the List of Books

In order to create a useful list of books, several criteria have been applied to the original list of more than 300 books.
Firstly, for a book to be included in the final list, it needed to be well-reviewed. This meant that it was necessary to have a significant number of positive reviews on Amazon (typically fifty plus). The average score of these reviews needed to be approximately four stars. Also, the book needed to be generally well-regarded as a key text for writers and editors.
Secondly, the book needed to contain original advice. Only the briefest of searches on the Internet will produce a plethora of books about writing. However, many of these include nothing more than unoriginal and regurgitated writing advice and offer little to the genre of 'books about writing'. Steps have been taken to exclude these books from the list. As a result, only books with original advice have been included. 
Thirdly, the books needed to fit neatly into one of four categories:
  • Books about editing.
  • Books about the technical aspect of writing.
  • Books about the art of writing.
  • Style manuals.
These four categories take steps to recognize that though books written specifically for editors and self-editing are important, it is also essential to understand both the craft and art of writing.
The result is a total of close to fifty books that will help you become a better editor and writer.

Please note, these books are listed in no particular order. 

Books about Editing


Books About Technical Aspects of Writing 

Books About the Art of Writing


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