Book Proposal Cover

You've spent years writing your book, and now you are ready to find an agent.

You only get one shot!

If you pitch your book and the agent says no, that's it.

The problem is that you don't know what an agent is looking for in a book pitch.

Yes, they put stuff up on their website, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.

In this free eBook, you'll discover the industry secrets that have seen the author, Gary Smailes, secure the services of two agents and get more than twenty books in print.

It will show you what an agent is looking for in a book pitch and explain how you can present your book in the best way possible.

It will teach you how to write a cover letter that will give the agent everything they need to know about your book.

You'll discover a foolproof method for writing a synopsis.

Finally, you'll find out how to self-edit your extract so that your book gets a fair shot.

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