Do you want to develop your writing?

Writing mentorship for writers that have started a novel.

Our mentoring scheme has been designed from the ground up to help writers.

Created by a university creative writing lecturer, this mentoring scheme will give you everything you need to become a proficient and successful writer.

Work at your own pace with one of our hand selected mentors to kick-start your writing and lift your novel to a publishable standard.

  • You've started a novel but you're stuck?
  • The writing process is overwhelming you?
  • You know you've got a great idea but you're not sure how to make it work?

What you get

  • An experienced writer and editor as your mentor, matched with your style of writing and needs.
  • Up to 15,000 words of prose professionally edited each month.
  • Deadlines set to suit your commitments.
  • Regular email contact with your mentor.
  • One hour Skype/phone call per month with your mentor.

Thanks for helping me get my book published.

I've have 20,000+ downloads in ten weeks and it hit #5 for sci-fi.

- Tim Mettey

How the book editing works

Your mentor will be a published writer and a highly qualified and experienced book editor. All of our editors have worked on more than 500 books, so they know their stuff.

The editing will consist of combined developmental and line editing. The developmental editing will fix plot holes, structural issues, and flow, while the line editing will address sentence-level issues.

At the end of each month, you'll submit up to 15,000 words of prose to your editor. They will edit and return this work within a week.

Your completed editing will come back in two documents. The first will be your original prose, annotated with notes and tracked changes. The second will be a detailed editor's report designed to explain, in detail, what’s wrong and how to fix it.

Of course, you'll be able to discuss the editorial feedback during your regular emails and/or monthly one-to-one Skype chat.

How the timeline works

We understand that people's lives are complicated and committing to any long-term project is often very difficult.

Our solution is to work in three month sessions.

Each mentoring session will last three months.

During each month, the following will happen:

  • You will complete and submit up to 15,000 words for editing.
  • You will receive feedback on your writing from your mentor.
  • You will arrange your one hour Skype call.

At the end of the three month session, you will be given the opportunity to continue for a further three months. You can carry on renewing this commitment for up to one year in total.

Your monthly one-to-one Skype call or phone call

Once per month, you will arrange a one hour Skype call or phone call with your mentor. Before the call, your mentor will suggest topics to be covered in the call. You are free to suggest additional topics that you wish to discuss.

Regular email contact

You will be in regular email contact with your mentor. If any questions, problems or issues come up between calls, email is the best way to get them resolved.

Mentors will reply to all emails quickly and will do their best to provide any information you require to move forward.

Your mentor

Each year our mentors are chosen on their experience and the needs of the mentee applications.

All of our mentors are published writers, experienced editors and skilled teachers, which is a unique combination.

BubbleCow mentors are given the chance to select their mentees. We feel this is vital, ensuring our mentors are enthusiastic about you and excited to bring out the very best in your writing.

What's it all cost?

The total cost for mentoring is $400 per month.

Once accepted as a mentee, the full balance of $1200 will be due. Mentoring will start at the beginning of the next calendar month after payment.

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The fine print

  • All initial mentoring contracts are for three months. These can be renewed in the third month of mentoring.
  • Not all writers are accepted for mentorship. You will be informed, via email, if your application has been successful or unsuccessful.
  • You can submit a total of 30,000 words for editing during each three-month mentoring session.
  • Writing deadlines will be set to meet with your commitments. Mentors will be flexible.
  • Mentors will be in regular email contact and will aim to reply promptly to any email that is sent.
  • Skype calls will be limited to a maximum of one hour per month. The time of these calls will be decided between the writer and mentor.
  • An upfront payment of the full amount is required to secure your first three months when accepted by your mentor.