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Writing Manual

Imagine spending years writing a novel, only to have readers and reviewers tell you it is boring!

This free ebook will show you how to write in a way that will keep readers reading until the last page.

The foundation of this book is that storytelling is an art, but writing is a science.

This means that though you may not be able to teach storytelling, you can teach writers the best possible way to tell their stories.

This book sets out to provide a ‘best practice’ for writers.

It discards the out-dated idea that writers are born, and sets about detailing the techniques any novel writer can use to make their book more appealing to their readers.

The book never attempts to tell writers what they should write, but instead focuses on guiding writers in ways of writing that will avoid readers becoming bored.

Ultimately, the techniques taught aim to stimulate emotions in readers, forcing them to engage with your story and keep on reading.