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"We built the book editing and proofreading company that we'd want to do business with. We hope you do too."

Caroline Smailes

In 2007, Caroline and Gary Smailes teamed up to start a company that would provide the high quality ‘publisher’ standard book editing that writers needed to lift their book to the next level.

Seeing that many freelance editors were charging per book, they developed a much fairer ‘cost per word’ price structure and BubbleCow was born.

Today, BubbleCow is one of the leading editing companies and serves self-published writers from all around the world. They have edited more than 1000 books and played a small part in hundreds of writers achieving their dreams.

When I opened my novel I was surprised to find that there were around 5,000 edits and suggestions for my story. That’s crazy. I never expected so much attention to detail. But it was all the notes that accompanied the edits that ‘really’ impressed me. Suggestions to make sentences more active. Notes on consistency. Additions to avoid confusion. Even a couple additional paragraphs to help foreshadow events to come. While going through the edits, I started to wonder if the editor knew my book better than I did. All the feedback was great and incredibly helpful, and it turned a story I felt was good into something I could be truly proud of.

Kevin Wolfenberger

In addition to spell and style checking, I received some useful suggestions about the content. Somebody even did some research and corrected some of my statements. Most of the corrections were useful; in some case I chose to retain the old version. Some of the corrections indicated I did not make myself clear. It made me rewrite some sections.

Adam Brostow

The whole process was an invaluable part of taking my story to the next level. The report was detailed and the line edit was very useful. BubbleCow was direct and honest about what worked and what didn't with my first novel and the advice was good, it made sense. BubbleCow were available before, during and after the edit for help and advice about the next steps. Gary even helped me get in contact with an agent. Overall, I was really satisfied with BubbleCow and if you are thinking about having your novel professionally edited, firstly, do it, secondly seriously consider using BubbleCow. I am glad I did.

Tom Savage

Thanks for a very thorough edit of my novel. Your comments have certainly helped me rethink weaker areas of the story and sharpened both grammar and prose.

Phil Gaskell

The developmental edit by Gary Smailes was invaluable. I've been drafting this manuscript for 10 years and not only did he highlight issues I had totally missed but he made suggestions to fix them that have now improved the overall story tenfold. I would highly recommend Bubblecow, and I have already sent through a second manuscript for another edit. Well worth every affordable dollar.

Melanie Salter