The BubbleCow Story

In 2007, Gary Smailes started a company that would provide high quality ‘publisher’ standard book editing. Unhappy with the way most freelance editors were charging per book, he developed a much fairer ‘cost per word’ price structure and BubbleCow was born.

Serving Writers

Today, BubbleCow is one of the leading editing companies and serves self-published writers from all around the world. BubbleCow has edited more than 1000 books and played a small part in hundreds of writers achieving their dreams.

At the heart of the company is one fundamental belief: Storytelling is an art, but writing is a craft.


BubbleCow's goal is to provide world-class editorial feedback and customer support, at a price that is affordable to self-published writers.

BubbleCow is an editing company that was born into the modern world of self-publishing. We have developed a way of editing that not only shows you what’s wrong with your book but gives you all the guidance you need to fix the mistakes.

For us, the quality of the feedback is everything.


Gary Smailes has a wide experience of the publishing industry and, over the years, has worked as a writer, historian, editor and researcher. He has an eclectic educational background with a degree in Biology and a post graduate degree in Military History from Liverpool University.

Gary has written a number of history books for children, including the Brave Scot series, the Modern Hero series and the BattleBooks series. He has more than twenty titles in print with various publishers. He also worked closely for many years with the successful author Terry Deary as the researcher for the ever popular Horrible Histories books and TV series.

He continues to write for children and adults. He has a number of books due for publication. He is represented by literary agent Andrew Lownie. Gary also often speaks publically about publishing, the writing process and self-publishing.