Fantasy Writing Prompts

Welcome to the realm of imagination and creativity, where the only limits are the bounds of your own fantasy. Whether you're a seasoned author looking for a new challenge, a budding writer eager to explore the vast landscapes of your mind, or someone in between, fantasy writing prompts are the keys to unlocking worlds beyond our wildest dreams. In this post, we dive into a treasure trove of prompts designed to spark your imagination and guide you on an epic journey through storytelling. From mystical characters and intriguing dialogues to enchanting settings and complex themes, we've compiled a comprehensive collection to inspire your next fantasy masterpiece. So, grab your quill, ready your parchment, and prepare to embark on an adventure that transcends the mundane, venturing into realms of magic, mystery, and the untold.

Story Starters

Diving into the world of fantasy writing demands a leap of faith—a portal to the extraordinary that invites readers to journey through realms of magic, mythical creatures, and battles between good and evil. Below are story starters designed to serve as that portal, providing a glimpse into fantastical scenarios that blur the boundaries between reality and the imagination. From enchanted forests to ancient spells, these starters are your invitation to tales of wonder, adventure, and the mystical.

  • In a kingdom where magic is banned, a young peasant discovers they possess forbidden powers that could overthrow the tyrannical ruler.
  • Two rival nations on the brink of war discover a shared legend about an ancient dragon that could either destroy them or bring them together.
  • An enchanted forest is dying, and the only way to save it is by finding the lost princess who vanished without a trace a century ago.
  • A group of adventurers finds a map leading to the Underworld, where they seek to bargain with the gods for the fate of their world.
  • In a city where magic and technology coexist, a detective specializing in magical crimes stumbles upon a conspiracy that threatens the balance between worlds.
  • After unearthing an ancient artifact, a scholar is plagued by visions of a past civilization and the catastrophic event that led to its downfall.
  • A cursed warrior seeks a way to lift the curse that causes him to shift between human and beast at night, endangering all he holds dear.
  • When the stars begin to fade from the sky, a band of heroes embarks on a quest to restore the celestial balance and fend off the darkness encroaching on their land.
  • A young witch must navigate the perils of an ancient magical tournament to uncover the truth about her family's mysterious past.
  • As realms collide, a portal opens in a small village, leading to a world thought to be a myth, where the villagers must unite with fantastical beings to save both worlds from destruction.

Each of these starters plants the seed for a story brimming with potential, waiting for the right storyteller to bring it to life. Let your imagination run wild, and may these prompts guide you to creating your own magical universe.

Character Prompts

At the core of every unforgettable fantasy tale are its characters—beings who embody the essence of the magical worlds they inhabit. From wizards and warriors to mythical creatures and enchanted beings, these prompts aim to infuse your narratives with characters who possess depth, ambition, and complexity. They invite you to envision individuals whose lives are intertwined with elements of magic, ancient prophecies, and epic quests, yet whose personal journeys resonate with readers on a deeply human level.

  • A wizard hiding in plain sight in a modern city, using their powers to subtly influence the course of events while concealing their true nature.
  • An elven archer banished from their forest kingdom, embarking on a quest to redeem their honor and uncover a dark conspiracy.
  • A dwarven blacksmith who crafts a legendary weapon, only to find themselves thrust into an adventure far beyond the forge.
  • A prince cursed to live as a beast, seeking a way to break the spell before it consumes his humanity.
  • A faerie who has lost their wings in a bargain gone wrong, journeying to the mortal realm to earn them back.
  • A witch who runs a magical apothecary, brewing potions that can heal, harm, or transform, all the while guarding a powerful secret.
  • A necromancer who seeks redemption, using their command over the dead to protect the living from an unseen threat.
  • An ordinary villager who discovers they are the descendant of a legendary hero, destined to save their land from an ancient evil.
  • A mermaid who makes a perilous deal to walk among humans, only to find herself caught between the worlds of sea and land.
  • A dragon who has lived for centuries, witnessing the rise and fall of civilizations, now faced with a dilemma that challenges their perceptions of mankind.

These character prompts are designed to be the seeds from which sprawling narratives grow, populated by individuals whose stories captivate and inspire. Let these prompts guide you in crafting characters who not only drive your story forward but also linger in the minds of your readers long after the final page is turned.

Dialogue Prompts

Dialogue breathes life into the pages of fantasy, revealing the hearts and minds of characters while weaving the intricate fabric of the world they inhabit. In a few short exchanges, dialogues can unveil hidden motives, ignite conflicts, and forge bonds. Set against the backdrop of enchanted realms and legendary quests, these dialogue prompts are crafted to inspire moments of revelation, tension, and camaraderie. Whether it’s a whispered secret between allies in a dark forest or a defiant challenge in the face of evil, these snippets serve as a gateway to the deeper narratives waiting to be told.

  • "In the lands where silence reigns, a word is the most powerful magic of all. Use it wisely, or it may be your undoing."
  • "You ask me to trust you, yet your shadow moves independently of your form. How can I trust a man who is not master of his own shadow?"
  • "The prophecy did not mention this... Are you telling me the fate of our world rests in the hands of a mere child?"
  • "They say the crown is heavy upon the head, but what of the burden on the heart? No gemstone can outweigh that."
  • "Magic is not just spells and incantations; it's understanding the language of the stars, the whispers of the wind."
  • "I once believed in a world of black and white, of good and evil. Now, I see only shades of gray... and a path that is mine to choose."
  • "Remember, the greatest power lies not in the sword, but in the hand that wields it. For even the meekest can change the course of history."
  • "You dare to wield fire in the realm of ice? Such arrogance... or is it ignorance?"
  • "Our ancestors danced under these stars, free and wild. Will you dance with me, or has the world stripped you of your spirit?"
  • "In every legend, there is a seed of truth. The question is, are we the harvest or the chaff?"

Each of these dialogue prompts offers a glimpse into a world where words carry weight, and conversations can alter destinies. Let them inspire you to craft dialogues that not only reveal your characters’ deepest desires and fears but also invite readers into the heart of your fantastical world.

Setting Prompts

The canvas of fantasy storytelling stretches beyond the horizon, inviting writers to paint their tales on a backdrop of limitless possibilities. From enchanted forests that whisper secrets to ancient cities hidden beneath the waves, the setting does more than define the physical space—it weaves the very essence of the narrative, influencing characters, plot, and themes. These prompts are designed to inspire worlds that captivate the imagination, settings that are not merely locations but living, breathing entities with stories of their own.

  • A forest where the trees are sentient, sharing memories and secrets with those who know how to listen, guarding ancient magic within their roots.
  • An ancient city carved into the side of a mountain, its inhabitants descendants of dragons, with architecture that reflects their fiery heritage.
  • A kingdom of islands floating in the sky, each with its own unique culture and magic, connected by bridges woven from the clouds themselves.
  • An endless labyrinth beneath the ground, its passages shifting and changing with the phases of the moon, hiding treasures and dangers in its depths.
  • A desert that comes alive at night, with spirits of the sand telling stories of the ancient civilization they once belonged to.
  • A frozen castle trapped in time, where summer has not touched its walls for centuries, holding a curse that only the warmth of true connection can melt.
  • A village on the back of a giant, wandering beast, its people adapting their lives to the rhythms and movements of their living island.
  • An underwater realm where the sea creatures have built a civilization of their own, with coral palaces and kelp forests, hidden from the surface world.
  • A city of mirrors in a dimension of reflections, where every surface tells a story and every shadow holds a secret, challenging the very concept of reality.
  • A celestial garden floating in the void of space, where planets are flowers and comets are bees, tended by a cosmic gardener who shapes the universe.

Each of these settings invites readers into worlds where the extraordinary is the norm, and every corner holds a story waiting to be uncovered. Let these prompts guide you in crafting settings that not only serve as the stage for your narrative but also enchant your audience, drawing them deeper into the magic of your story.

Theme Prompts

At the heart of every captivating fantasy story lie themes that weave through its narrative, enriching the tapestry of the tale with depth and resonance. These themes challenge readers to ponder not just the fantastical elements on the surface but the profound questions and moral dilemmas that underpin the genre. They invite writers to explore the boundaries of morality, the essence of courage, and the complexities of love and sacrifice in worlds where magic is real, and every choice can alter the fate of kingdoms.

  • Explore a realm where the use of magic comes at the cost of one's memories, delving into the value of the past and the price of power.
  • Imagine a world where the balance between nature and civilization has been lost, prompting a quest to restore harmony and examine the relationship between humanity and the environment.
  • Delve into a society where light and darkness are in constant conflict, using this as a metaphor for the struggle between hope and despair, good and evil.
  • Consider the implications of immortality in a land where some can live forever, questioning the meaning of life, death, and the natural cycle of existence.
  • Examine a kingdom divided by ancient curses or prophecies, exploring themes of destiny, free will, and the power of belief to shape reality.
  • Challenge the notion of what it means to be a hero in a narrative where traditional roles are reversed, and the villain becomes the protagonist, questioning morality and redemption.
  • Address the theme of unity in diversity through a coalition of races and species working together to thwart a common enemy, highlighting the strength found in differences.
  • Investigate the consequences of forbidden knowledge in a world where seeking certain truths is taboo, pondering the limits of curiosity and the dangers of unrestrained ambition.
  • Uncover the complexities of leadership and sacrifice in a tale of a ruler facing impossible choices for the greater good, reflecting on the burdens of power.
  • Analyze the concept of family and lineage in a story where ancestry dictates one's place in society, challenging notions of heritage and the true meaning of belonging.

These theme prompts offer a springboard into narratives that not only enchant and entertain but also provoke thought and reflection, inviting readers to dive deep into the philosophical undercurrents of the fantasy genre. Let them guide you in crafting stories that linger in the minds and hearts of your audience, long after the last page is turned.

Plot Prompts

The essence of a fantasy narrative is often encapsulated in its plot—a meticulously woven tapestry of events and encounters that transport readers through epic journeys and profound transformations. These plot prompts serve as seeds for stories that unfurl into grand sagas, each rooted in the elements of fantasy yet ripe for the unique twist of the storyteller. From ancient prophecies to battles against dark forces, these plots are ready to be expanded into tales that enchant and bewitch.

  • A reluctant hero is chosen by an enchanted weapon, heralding them as the only one who can vanquish a looming darkness threatening the realm, but their greatest challenge lies in accepting their destiny.
  • During a rare celestial alignment, a gateway to another world opens, and a band of unlikely allies must journey through it to retrieve a lost artifact that holds the key to their world's survival.
  • An ancient curse plagues the land, withering crops and summoning beasts from the shadows; a young mage discovers the key to breaking the curse lies in uniting the divided magical creatures of the forest.
  • When the royal heir discovers their bloodline is linked to a pact with a dragon, they must find the creature and renew the agreement before their kingdom falls to an encroaching empire.
  • A thief steals a magical tome only to find themselves entangled in a web of political intrigue; the tome's secrets can alter the balance of power in the kingdom, for better or worse.
  • In a world where dreams are tangible realms, a dreamwalker uncovers a nightmare trying to breach into reality; they must navigate the complex landscape of dreams to prevent its escape.
  • A prophecy foretells the return of an ancient evil, but also speaks of a guardian with the power to stop it. A group of adventurers sets out to find this guardian, only to discover the guardian is not a person, but a forgotten magic within themselves.
  • An enchanted forest is dying, and with it, the magic of the world. A guardian of nature embarks on a quest to find the Heart of the Forest, battling forces that seek to harness its power for destruction.
  • As kingdoms vie for control of a powerful magical relic, a band of rebels learns its true purpose: to seal away a darkness that once engulfed the world. They must now protect the relic from those who would misuse it.
  • A sorcerer's apprentice finds an ancient spell book that can alter the fabric of time. With it, they can prevent a disaster that would doom their world, but meddling with time has unpredictable consequences.

These plot prompts offer a canvas for stories that blend the mystical with the moral, inviting readers on quests filled with danger, discovery, and the potential for redemption. Let them inspire you to craft narratives that captivate the spirit and stir the imagination, forging new paths through the enchanted landscapes of fantasy.

Image Prompts

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and within the enchanting sphere of fantasy, this adage takes on a magical dimension. Below, you'll discover a handpicked collection of images, each selected for its ability to stir the imagination and serve as a muse for the weaving of fantastical tales. From enchanted forests shrouded in mist and ancient ruins holding forgotten secrets to majestic creatures of lore and mystics wielding ancient powers, these images stand as portals to realms unexplored. Let them be your guide on a journey to the heart of your creativity, where stories are waiting to breathe life into the visions captured in each frame.

phoenix fantasy writing prompt image
castle fantasy writing prompt image
library fantasy writing prompt image
tournament fantasy writing prompt image
portal fantasy writing prompt image

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions that will provide you with more information.

What are some good fantasy ideas?

A kingdom where the seasons change at the whim of its ruling mage. A thief who can steal shadows. An ancient library where books are alive and guard ancient secrets. A tournament where mythical creatures are the champions. A map that shows your deepest desire instead of geographic locations.

What should I write fantasy?

Write fantasy to explore limitless possibilities, to create worlds where magic reflects deep truths about human nature and reality. It's a genre that allows for the examination of societal norms, the embodiment of philosophical ideas, and the portrayal of the epic struggle between good and evil through a lens unbound by the constraints of our world.

What are some fictional writing prompts?

An AI develops feelings for its creator. A portal to a parallel universe opens in your closet. You wake up with the ability to speak to animals. A diary entries start predicting the future. A city where everyone has forgotten how to sleep.

What is an example of a fantasy writing?

An example of fantasy writing is a tale of a young wizard embarking on a quest to find a mystical stone that has the power to restore balance to the kingdom, battling dark forces and forging alliances with creatures from other realms along the way.


Embarking on a journey through the landscapes of fantasy writing is akin to opening a door to infinite possibilities, where the only limit is the breadth of one's imagination. Through story starters, character and dialogue prompts, settings, themes, plots, and image inspirations, we've traversed the expanse of creativity, uncovering the potential for storytelling that engages, entertains, and enlightens. Fantasy writing is not just an escape from reality but a deep dive into the wonders of what could be, pushing boundaries and exploring the unknown.

As you stand at the precipice of your next creative endeavor, remember that the prompts provided here are but stepping stones into vast, uncharted territories of your own making. Each idea, each prompt, and each image is a spark waiting to ignite the flames of a narrative only you can tell. So, take these tools, blend them with your unique voice, and carve out worlds that reflect the depth of your imagination. The realm of fantasy writing awaits, a canvas vast and wide, ready for the stories only you can bring to life. Embrace the adventure, for in the craft of storytelling, you wield the power to create universes, to give life to the inanimate, and to bestow a voice upon the silent whispers of your mind.

Let this article be your guide, but let your imagination be the map that charts the course of your tales. The journey is yours to undertake, and the worlds you create will be your legacy in the boundless realm of fantasy literature.

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